Access Local Resources in an Azure VM

In this blog post, one of our world-class instructors, Gary Mitchell, explains how he set up a development environment using Azure.

Access Local Resources in an Azure VM

I had excellent results creating and sharing SharePoint development environments with Oracle VBox. One of the great things about that program was the ease of connecting to local drives on the host. When I switched to Microsoft Hyper-V on a local box, I found it challenging to mount the host drives in the VM.

I wanted a real time testing and development environment and decided to try an Azure approach. From the Azure Preview Portal I used the New icon to access the templates for creating a SharePoint Farm. This farm consists of 3 VMs, a Domain Controller, a SQL Server and a SharePoint Server


To be honest, I was more than a little concerned about configuring access to drives on the host machine from a Cloud Application. I was amazed at just how easy it was to access\mount local resources in a Cloud based VM.

Rather than connecting immediately to the SharePoint instance, I elected to Save\Save As an RDP file to the desktop.




Then I Right-Clicked on the RDP shortcut icon to access the Edit menu, from there I selected the Local Resources tab and the More… button.