MORE POWER! MORE POWER! New G-Series VM’s available in Azure!

According to Directions’ Microsoft Certified Trainer…

Students who are new to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform are often concerned that the VM’s available to them may not be powerful enough to handle the workloads they may throw at them.

Well, for those who are interested, the new G-Series VM’s will most likely satisfy the needs of those who need more power! (Cue the Tim The Toolman Taylor theme music here.)

Here are the different levels of machines available in the G Series:

G-Series Size Details:

Think that will do? 😉

Of course, there are lesser powered machines available as well, so you can spin up a VM with Server 2012 with one core and 768 MB of RAM for less than $14 a month.

Keep in mind, you only pay for what you use, so the more power you want, the more cash you’ll pony up. But the fun part is, you don’t have to manage the hardware–just spin it up and start loading it up with your application and data! Isn’t that SO worth the cost? You bet it is.

Just for fun, here’s a link to the Azure Pricing calculator if you’re curious about how much different VM’s will cost you:

Even better, you can get a FREE trial to Azure so you can play around before you commit to the platform! You can get $200 of free usage by clicking here:

Enjoy your new super-powered playground!

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