Free Agile Workshop

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In the world of IT, the Agile Methodology encompasses a group of software development methods that are used to guide self-organized project teams (often consisting of IT pros and business experts) to arrive at favorable end solutions by way of a streamlined, organized process.

Over 200,000 people are certified in some form of Agile practice. Since 2001, when the Manifesto for Agile Software Development was published, Agile methods have become increasingly popular as business experts seek to execute large-scale technical projects.

Nevertheless, some people do not know Agile methods are available to simplify technical undertakings. Others are only familiar with fragments of Agile but have not learned how effective the methodology can be when implemented systematically.

For this reason, Directions Training is hosting a free Agile introductory workshop. In this 2 hour event, we will take a very methodical approach to providing a full picture of what Agile is, how it works, who is using it and how you can use it to benefit your technical projects and organizational communication structure at large. 

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What To Expect from the Agile Primer – A 360 Degree Look Workshop

    • What is driving the need to use Agile
    • How management and workers need to change to utilize Agile successfully
    • Break down of what Agile is
    • The two fundamental concepts of Agile: Self-organization and Iterating
    • High level overview of the Agile Practices and Organization, including:
      • Work vs Role
      • Development unit / Business unit
      • ScrumMaster
      • Product Owner
      • User Story / task board / burndown
      • Five levels of planning in Agile
      • Estimating in Agile
      • Sprint aka Iteration
      • Definition of Done
      • Retrospective
      • Rolling to the next iteration
      • A quick look at Agile Flavors
      • Discussion of Enterprise Agile or Agile Portfolio management
      • A look at who is using Agile and How
      • Roadblocks and Challenges
      • Certification options

Event Details:

When: Thursday, May 21st from 11:30am – 1:30pm CST

Where: Directions Training – 2625 Butterfield Rd. Suite 209E, Oak Brook, IL 60523

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