3 Ways to Make More Money & Advance Your Career in IT

Let’s say you’ve been in IT for a while. You dig working with technology and you don’t despise the users who call in with their crazy questions. But you feel stalled out, like there’s the proverbial glass ceiling right against your forehead – you know there’s more “out there” but you aren’t real sure what the first step is.

Well, true believer, I have for you a handy little guide that just might give you the push you need! Depending on where you are right now, you have several paths to move upwards and onwards, whether it’s at your current shop or if you’d rather make a move to a new shop.

If you’re currently in a Help Desk role:

  1. Start studying Windows Server in detail. Server techs will never go out of style, because someone will always be needed to fix them when they freak out.
  2. Start studying SharePoint. It’s here to stay, and there’s a manager in every shop where SharePoint has been implemented who wishes they had somebody who knows more about it.

If you’re currently in a Server or System Administrator role:

  1. Start studying Virtualization and System Center. Both are critical to cloud-based scenarios, whether your servers are in a public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid configuration.
  2. Start studying SQL Server or other database technology. “We have all the database administrators and developers we will ever need” said NO ONE anywhere. Database techs will always be needed and critical to any environment.

If you’re currently a Developer or Programmer:

  1. Start studying SharePoint development. Everyone who’s ever implemented SharePoint has wanted someone to enhance what it can do after about 6 weeks of solid use. Get familiar with the specifics of SharePoint development and you might be surprised at the opportunities either inside or outside your shop that come along.
  2. Start studying App development, especially for Windows 8.1 Store apps. Windows isn’t going anywhere, and yes, right now the Windows App Store is a little weak in its selection, but that’s just an opportunity to be a prime mover in the long game Microsoft plays.

So depending on where you are in your career, we’ve offered two additional skill sets that you can pick up and start on right now. You can start by going to YouTube and watching some beginning tutorials on any of these areas, and after you feel confident in your next step, take a class!

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