Directions Training Announces Direct2You A Virtual Instructor-Led Training Solution

Are you looking to gain new skills, improve productivity, learn how to deploy new technologies or earn more IT certifications but are limited in being able to attend a traditional classroom computer or software training course? If so, Directions Training is about to change the way you look at training.

Directions Training is proud to announce the addition of its live virtual instructor-led training solution Direct2You (D2Y). Direct2You is a uniquely constructed hands-on virtual training environment that allows Directions’ students to participate in a classroom computer or software training session virtually from your office, home or any location that has internet access.

Virtual IT Software Training Direct2You

(Watch Directions Training’s Direct2You Video)

Direct2You is a live training environment with a highly knowledgeable, certified instructor that understands how to engage a class in an interactive and collaborative online experience. D2Y is a real, live classroom training session, which happens to also be online.

During a Direct2You training class, students have the ability to chat with not only their certified instructor but also their fellow classmates. D2Y also features live video interaction between the student and the expert instructor. Also, once the D2Y training class ends, students gain access to the online lab 24×7.

Directions Training also understands that course cancellations can be a major set-back, and, for that reason, Directions is an industry leader in delivering on its class schedule. With Direct2You, we keep you moving forward. Finally, Direct2You is a cost effective, time efficient solution that provides greater, quicker productivity. To learn more about Direct2You and Directions Training’s live virtual instructor-led training solution, visit Direct2You.

Click to learn more about Directions Training and available computer and software training courses including, IT Certifications, Microsoft SharePoint Training, Microsoft Windows Server Training, Microsoft Windows Training, and Microsoft SQL Server Training.

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