Know Where Your Colleagues Are, #Skype4B Status Change Alerts

#Skype4B Tag for Status Change Alerts

Do you need to know when a colleague’s status changes but don’t have the time to keep checking in on your contact? That’s okay. Simply set the tag for status change alert and you will automatically be alerted when your contact’s status changes. To do this, perform the following:

Right-click on the contact >> Select Tag for Status Change Alerts

You can see Dan’s original status show’s he is offline (as the bar to the left of his picture is blue).


As soon as his status changes, an alert pops up at the bottom right of my monitor. It alerts me he is now available.


I can click on “Untag” now if I’d like to turn off the Tag for Status change alerts.

#Skype4B Training

Directions Training is excited about Microsoft’s transition from Lync to Skype for Business and we look forward to offering Skype for Business training courses.  In the past, our Lync courses have served numerous organizations that needed to transition their entire workforces from one communication system to another. With Custom Fit Training solutions, we are able to serve organizations that seek to equip and empower their employees to embrace the latest and greatest technology.

Can’t Get Enough #Skype4B Training

We have a blog post that introduces the Microsoft’s newest communication system and offers useful tips: Click here to read the entire article:


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