Why Upgrade to Lync 2013?

Not sure if you really want to upgrade to Lync 2013? Wondering if it’s worth it? Here are 5 amazing benefits you have with Lync 2013.

Mobile Access

Microsoft has gone to great lengths to make Lync a multi-platform program. There are Lync apps for the Android, Windows Phone and iOS, and programs for Mac and Windows. The versions are all compatible with other platforms. This means you could technically have a video conference where people on nearly any system can join and contribute. This is a great feature for staff who travel or work remotely. They still have the ability to easily join meetings and keep in touch with the office as long as they have an Internet connection.


Lync 2013 offers Skype integration which allows for voice, video and instant messaging with Skype users. This means that your reach to others is improved, at little to no extra cost.

HD Video Conferencing

Lync 2013 supports 1080p HD video which enables all participants to have a very clear picture. Also, since Lync 2013 uses standard video coding and decoding, HD conferencing is available on almost any device that can display it. Meeting participants appreciate this feature as it gives you a better sense of who you are working with and can help improve communication.

Web App

Microsoft introduces the Web version of Lync. Participants will be able to join meetings and conversations from their browser and still have access to most of Lync’s features including HD video, instant messaging and VoIP.

Tabbed Conversations

You can now keep all your calls, instant messages and chat rooms in one conversation window. The tabs along the left side of the conversation window let you navigate easily among all active conversations.

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