15 Interesting Microsoft Office 2010 Abilities You May Not Know

Directions Training’s Microsoft Office training experts put together a list of fifteen interesting abilities you may not be aware of, that Microsoft Office 2010 has.

  1. When delivering a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, you can right-click and turn your mouse pointer into a light-pen to illustrate your slides.
  2. With PowerPoint 2010, you can edit a video after you’ve put it into your presentation.
  3. With Microsoft Excel 2010, the new Tables feature can create summary calculations for columns of data without having to write any formulas.
  4. You can add artistic effects to photographs in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint 2010.
  5. In Word 2010 the new navigation pane feature allows you to browse through your document via thumbnail pictures of each page in the document.
  6. In Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2010, you can “pin” recently used documents for quick access no matter where the documents are stored on your network.
  7. You can turn a PowerPoint 2010 presentation into a video recording of the presentation.
  8. In PowerPoint 2010 you can copy animation sequences with the new animation painter tool.
  9. All Microsoft Office 2010 products have a built-in screenshot capture tool.
  10. Excel worksheets now contain 16,000 columns and over 1 million rows.
  11. Using Heading styles in Word allows you to automatically produce a Table of Contents for a document.
  12. In Office 2010, the improved Print Preview feature allows you to get immediate visual feedback on how changes to a document’s layout will look before you send the document to the printer.
  13. Word 2010 contains a built-in language translation feature.
  14. Office 2010 products allow you to create a PDF document without the need for 3rd party software.
  15. In Office 2010, you can recover “unsaved” changes to a document with 4 clicks of the mouse.

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