Unsaved Saved Work

One of Directions Training’s Microsoft Applications Instructors wanted you to know…

So you’re using one of the Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013 products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and being productive. Let’s say you’re busy working on a file for the past two hours or even longer and then suddenly the power goes out in your work location. What happens to your work? Well, once the power has been restored, open the program and you’ll notice on the left side of the screen it lets you know that an autosave version of a document has been saved. If it doesn’t, you can click on the FILE tab on the upper left hand corner of the screen. Then click INFO, and click the MANAGE VERSIONS button and the program will guide you to the RECOVER UNSAVED WORKBOOKS to find any unsaved files that the program has stored automatically.

Now there’s no excuse to say that your work is lost. The program is automatically saving an autorecover file every 10 minutes. You can change this to a lower time interval by going to the FILE tab, click OPTIONS, SAVE and this is where you can change the time interval, as well as, the location of the AutoRecover file. But of course, you should be saving your work manually every so often.

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