Conditional Formatting for Outlook Appointments

I recently joined the Directions Training team and learned quickly that classes could be at any one of our training facilities, or off-site at a clients.

I noticed that there was consistency in the verbiage for the “Locations” field for each appointment. It either said Chicago, Oak Brook, or Client-Site. The last thing I want to have happen is show up at the wrong location the day of, so I decided to create rules in Microsoft Outlook which automatically applies a color for each appointment based on the Location. Having colored appointments will make them “stand-out” so I can take better note of where I need to be on a given day.

*Note: For this to work effectively, consistent naming conventions need to be used when filling out the appointment fields; in my case the Locations field.

Steps for creating the Rules:

1. Open up a calendar in Outlook.

2. Click on the View tab in the Ribbon.

3. From the Current View group, click the View Settings button.

4. In the Advanced View Settings Calendar dialog box, click Conditional Formatting.

5. Click Add in the Conditional Formatting dialog box.

     a. Give a descriptive Name for the rule and a Color.

     b. Click Condition to define the rule.

6. Go to the Advanced tab in the Filter dialog box. From the Define more criteria section:

     a. Choose a Field. (in my example it is All Appointment fields – Location)

     b. Choose a Condition. (in my example – contains)

     c. Type a Value. (in my example – Chicago)

     d. Click Add to List. You could add more criteria if needed.

     e. When you are done creating the criteria, continue to click OK to exit out of all the dialog boxes.

Voilà! Now, whenever an appointment is added to your calendar with certain text in the Location field, Outlook will automatically color code it to help you stay better organized.

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