Microsoft Outlook – Avoid the Reply-Allpocalypse

The holiday season is upon us and many business organizations will send out an e-mail about the company’s holiday party. Now imagine if one employee wants to know if their attendance is mandatory. Instead of hitting “reply” they may mistakenly hit “reply all” and so begins what is now known as Reply-Allpocalypse.

This scenario was a real life situation for New York University sophomore Max Wiseltier. He like the other 40,000+ students at the university received an email reminding them to fill out a tax form. Max however hit “reply all” and he quickly apologized. However his mistake revealed to the students that you could hit “reply all” and so students were inundated with emails asking if they could borrow a pencil and pictures of Nicholas Cage.

Luckily for Microsoft Outlook users there is now a plug-in called NoReplyall. This plug-in, allows senders to prevent recipients from Replying All to their messages.

VoloMetrix, a Seattle startup that tracks, minute by minute, how its clients’ employees use technology at work says at least 15 percent of a typical office worker’s day is spent on e-mail, and 5 percent of e-mails received are replies to all. Those numbers may not sound like a lot, but what if a company has 5,000 or more employees using their e-mail system? Sounds like Reply-Allpocalypse will cause havoc.

A business organization using Microsoft Outlook can prevent Reply-Allpocalypse from hitting by downloading the plug in at

The primary function is to prevent people from doing a reply-all to your message, or forwarding it. This plug-in works for Microsoft Outlook 2007, MS Outlook 2010 and the upcoming MS Outlook 2013 as long as you’re running a Microsoft Exchange account.

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