Microsoft’s Nimble Partners

In the fast-paced world of IT, some Microsoft Channel Partners shift strategies and embrace IT training to reach new heights of success.

Quick. Alert. Clever. Resourceful. The attributes that often describe successful partners fit Merriam Webster’s definition of nimble. Therefore, let’s call these businesses what they are. Nimble Partners. After all, working in the Microsoft ecosystem is anything but “business as usual.” As one of the world’s top tech companies, Microsoft not only responds to changing trends, it is a trendsetter. It not only acquires innovative technology, it drives ingenuity. Therefore, to thrive within the Microsoft ecosystem, partners must be quick, alert, clever, and resourceful in a way that allows them to shift their business strategies to embrace new releases and pursue training that leads to in-depth understanding of technological advancements.

  • Nimble Partners Shift Business Strategies

As an example of partners shifting strategies to reach new heights of success, look no further than Licensing Solutions Partners (LSPs), formerly known as Large Account Resellers (LARs). This category of partner was thrown a curveball when, at the 2013 Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), Microsoft announced their title would change to more accurately describe the role they’d be playing in the future of business.

“With the move to cloud,” said Janet Gibbons, Microsoft’s UK director for partners and strategy at the time, “the [idea] of licensing is changing and so I guess those LARs are also seeing that change and are having to rethink what that means for their businesses. If you fast-forward to when everyone is on subscription licensing, the role of the LAR will have to change.”

Nearly three years since the change was announced, many LSPs embrace their new title and serve clients in ways that are different than when they were considered LARs. For instance, they focus on cloud-based solutions like Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, continuing consumption adoption, and more. More surprisingly, while LSPs have traditionally worked to mainly license organizations with Microsoft products, some are offering system integration services as well.

  • Nimble Partners Learn New Technologies

System Integrators (SIs) that work in the Microsoft ecosystem are filling the high demand for cloud-based solutions as well. However, because of the hands-on nature of their services, SIs need to stay ahead of new technology by learning about offerings and releases. They also need to dive deep into how these programs function and what benefits they will bring to their clients technical infrastructures and organizational systems.

For this reason, SIs look for training offerings that are accelerated and convenient. With a good handle on a wide range of Microsoft products and cloud-based services, SIs often need in-depth training on key components of new releases – not an entire overview of the technology itself. Therefore, they seek out custom fit IT training that allows them to consume the information they need but doesn’t take them away from their customers. This is why boot camps and accelerated training courses are the preferred method of learning for Microsoft SIs.

Are You a Nimble Partner?

  • How has shifting your business strategy helped you stay afloat throughout the ebbs and flows of IT?
  • What training has empowered you to embrace new technology and confidently offer robust services to your clients?
  • Are you happy with the success you’ve seen because of changes in technology?

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