Become a Powerful PowerPoint Presenter

Before Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, it was difficult for you as the presenter to figure out which slide the audience saw and which one was on your monitor. The new Presenter View allows you, the presenter, to see the notes on your monitor while your audience only sees the slides.

The new Presenter View gives you the following options:

  • Use Presenter View on One Monitor: Who says you need multiple monitors? With the new Presenter View, you can rehearse your presentation in Presenter View without having to hookup a projector beforehand.
  • Zoom: Click the magnifying glass in the Presenter View to zoom in on charts, diagrams, or whatever you want to emphasize for your audience.
  • Jumper: Use the Slide Navigator to browse to other slides in your presentation.
  • Automatic Setup: PowerPoint can automatically sense your computer setup and choose the right monitor for Presenter View. No more guessing the required setup.

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