Microsoft Office Mix, a PowerPoint Add-in

Microsoft Office Mix makes it easy to create interactive videos and share online presentations.

Office Mix is a free PowerPoint add-in. It offers a new way for you to tell your story with voice, video, inking, and screen recording. This new add-in allows you to record your voice and video while you present information and write on your slides. It also lets you interact and engage with viewers of your slideshow with quizzes, polls, videos and apps.

Office Mix for Live Mixing

With Office Mix, it is possible to “build an ‘on-demand’ version of your presentation.” Previously you may have wanted to build your mixes live, while you were actually giving your presentation. Now you can. In the recording view, Office Mix now shows an optimized view that lets you work efficiently by showing only the most used features for creating your mix, and maximizing the presentation area for your live audience. You can now switch the camera on and off, select ink and move through your slides and animations. 

Office Mix for Easier Editing

Office Mix now allows you to pause and resume while recording, so you can gather your thoughts, and be sure to say what you want, when you want.

Microsoft has added a search engine to the Office Mix library component which will let users find “mixes” by category, tag, topic and author, It is described as a PowerPoint 2013 add on designed to make it easier and more affordable to turn slides “into interactive online lessons and presentations.”

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