The Eyedropper Tool in PowerPoint

More notes from the “Office Guy”:

One of the things I’ve always been impressed with is the graphics capabilities built into PowerPoint, and in each release the tools just keep getting better. This month’s blog is about a new feature called the “Eyedropper”.

Here is the basic idea of why this tool could be very useful – getting an exact match in color between different elements that might be on a slide can be time consuming, even impossible if the color you want to match is something out of the ordinary.

Take a corporate logo for example. Perhaps an organization is going through a re-branding process and has spent a lot of time and effort getting the color scheme “just right” for the new logo. Then, the logo is to be used on all PowerPoint slides, but you want the font color of the slide title to exactly match the color of part of the logo. PowerPoint has always had a wide range of colors in the palettes available for things like Font and Background fill colors. Since the 2010 edition of Office, the Themes gallery offers multiple palettes of colors to choose from. However, it might take a very long time to try and find an exact match by searching through all of the choices and quite frankly, who has the time to try?

Enter the Eyedropper: essentially a tool that can extract a sample of any color you point to and click on and apply that color to another slide element that you have selected. Here’s how it works:

For this example, I’m not going to use a corporate logo, but since logos are added to slides as pictures, I’m going to use a picture of a very handsome dog and make the Font color of a slide title exactly match the color of his eyes:

Here we have a picture of a handsome dog with brown eyes and we want the font color used in the title to match the exact color of his eyes. First, like any formatting maneuver, we select the text by dragging the mouse over it.

Then, on the Home Tab, in the Font group, we click the drop down arrow on the right side of the font color button and click on the Eyedropper.

At this point, the mouse pointer changes to an icon that looks like an eye dropper, which can then be dragged over the picture. As the mouse moves over the picture, a small square appears above the Eyedropper icon that changes colors when different parts of the picture are pointed to. When you reach the point where the color you want to match is in the square above the eyedropper, click the mouse.

Now, the text color is an exact match to the color taken from the part of the picture we clicked on!

What if we then want to use this same color for the Font color of all of the titles for the rest of the presentation?

Once you sample and use a color using the Eyedropper, the color choice is retained as a “Recently Used” color as illustrated below.

As we go to another slide and type in new title text, we can then select the text and click the left side of the Font Color button. The color of the stripe underneath the icon shows the last color applied, which means we don’t have to re-sample the matching color again.

There you have it, the “Eyedropper”.

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  1. Very Nice Article.

    But I dont find the same tool “Eye Dropper” in my PPT. Even it is not there in the Ribbons from where I can add it.

    After googling lot – It was mentioned Eye dropper has been replaced with the tool “Pick Up style” But it is not working in PPT. Please advise

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