What is SharePoint? [Infograph]

Microsoft SharePoint, What is SharePoint

Organizations are using SharePoint 2013 as a web-based platform that makes it easy to conduct business online. Consistent with Microsoft’s branding, SharePoint resembles the Office interface and effortlessly integrates with Office suite applications. SharePoint also provides intranet portals, file management, social networks, enterprise searches and other business-related web options. To fully understand the depth and breadth of SharePoint, organizations turn to Directions Training, a nationwide leader in Microsoft training.


  1. […] and you should definitely check it out, but one of the things that they recommended to me was this https://blog.directionstraining.com/microsoft-sharepoint/what-is-sharepoint-infograph?subscribe=succe… an infograph talking about what SharePoint is and it’s features. I think its pretty spot on […]

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