Introducing Digital Textbook Updates

Always have access to the latest edition of a digital textbook!

When you take a course from Directions Training using Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC), you will be able to get updates and revisions of that digital MOC textbook at no charge for the life of that course.

Stay Updated

Continue to receive new versions of courses to remain current on and stay engaged with changing Microsoft technologies. Better understand the feature and functional changes from one software release to another as highlighted in new versions of digital MOC courseware.

Access to All Versions

Reference your digital textbook and notes while accessing previous and subsequent versions of your text. Receive training on software your organization has deployed, and know that you’ll be ready to review updates to that software with future releases of the MOC courseware.

Organize In Your Way

A redesigned online content Bookshelf provides new ways for you to organize courses and even create your own categories of courses as part of a custom online library.

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*Information from Microsoft.