What’s New in Windows 8.1?

A lot of folks know that Microsoft is releasing Windows 8.1, a follow-up release for the wildly cool Windows 8. Some folks didn’t dig the fact that the Start menu was gone, so they’re bringing it back. There’s a lot more stuff that’s new in this release as well. Here’s a few more highlights from one of our Senior Technical Instructors:

  • ALL of the Settings are in one Menu – Thank you, Microsoft. I was tired of chasing down settings.
  • Direct Saving to SkyDrive – Let’s face it, a lot of tablets won’t have a terabyte of storage, so saving up to the cloud will be super-handy.
  • BETTER VPN SUPPORT – For business users, VPN’s are their lifeline back to the mothership. Windows 8 didn’t do as well as it should have with VPN’s, so they fixed that for Windows 8.1.  
  • Support for Miracast and NFC Tap-To-Pair Printing – Taking the next step in wireless, Windows 8.1 will support Miracast for wireless presentations to Miracast-enabled TV’s and projectors and Near Field Communications printing.
  • Workplace Join – Let your CEO and VP’s bring their tablets they received as a holiday gift to work, and you can give them access to resources and still keep them locked down without having to join the machine to the domain.

And here you thought that Windows 8.1 was only about the Start menu. There’s a lot more in Windows 8.1 than meets the eye.

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