Windows 8.1 Preview Available June 26th in the Windows Store

One of Directions Training’s Microsoft Technical training experts wanted you to know…

If you’re already on Windows 8, you know that there’s a Windows Store that will allow you to download and purchase applications. But beginning June 26th, you’ll be able to download a preview edition of the latest and greatest update, Windows 8.1, aka Windows Blue, from the Windows Store. 


You’ll have to reinstall your apps. 


If you skip the preview edition of Windows 8.1 and wait to upgrade when the final edition becomes available later this year, you won’t have to reinstall your apps. 

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the advantages we expect to see in Windows 8.1: 

  • A smaller Windows footprint, taking up less RAM
  • Better mouse and keyboard support for the desktop crowd
  • More personalization options – Give your lock screen a background slide show and other toys
  • Save directly to SkyDrive
  • And…wait for it…The return of the Start button! 

Is it worth upgrading early to Windows 8.1? If you like to live on the bleeding edge of technology and don’t mind reinstalling some of your apps because you’ve got time to burn, sure. Otherwise, wait until they’re done putting all the finishing touches on this new beauty. 

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