Windows Phone 8 Power Management Tips

One of Directions Training’s Microsoft Technical training experts wanted you to know…

I recently purchased a Windows 8 phone, the Nokia 810 model to be specific, and I love the features and capabilities of this phone. However, one of the challenges of having a great phone with an awesome array of capabilities is keeping the battery charged. The more I use the phone features, applications, and tools, the more taxing it is on the battery life.  So I will share with you a couple of tips I learned to maximize battery life.

Turn On Battery Saver

Battery Saver mode will consume as little power as necessary by turning off some features running in the background. This will increase battery life.

Battery Saver mode also conserves power by stopping live tile updates, the automatic synchronization of mail and calendar updates, and closing applications that run in the background.

To turn on Battery Saver Mode, Go to Settings, tap Battery Saver and slide the Option Bar to the On position.

Battery Saver mode normally gets activated when the battery life falls below 20%, but you can use the Advanced selection to manually configure Battery Saver to turn on anytime.

Turn Off Background Tasks

Along with the apps in the multi-tasking panel, there are few that are running in the background which consume a lot of battery. Turning off any of these apps that you do not require will dramatically increase the battery life.

To manage the background tasks, Go to Settings, swipe to the applications page, and tap Background Tasks. You will see a list of apps running, select the ones that you do not want and tap Block.

Set your phone to check for new mail less frequently or even by request only. On the start screen, open up the email account you want to modify, and tap the three dots (…) in the bottom right corner of the inbox screen, and then tap Settings, Sync Settings, and change the setting for Download new content.

If you are listening to music or otherwise using your phone, but do not want to make or receive calls, switch Airplane (flight) Mode on under the Settings menu.

To close the apps that you are not using, press the Back key. For example, when you are finished taking a picture, press the Back key to exit the camera viewfinder.

Adjust Screen Settings

To set the screen switch off after a short time, go to Settings, Lock Screen and change the setting for Screen times out after.

To lower the screen brightness, go to Settings, Brightness. Switch the Automatically Adjust to Off and select the level manually.

Adjust WiFi Settings

To stop your phone from scanning for available Wi-Fi networks if those are not available, go to Settings, WiFi, Slide Wi-Fi networking bar to Off, tap the Advanced button, and uncheck the box next to Notify me when new networks are found.

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