Top 2 Reasons to Get or Upgrade Your Windows Server 2012 MCSA or MCSE Certification

Every week, typically on Friday, one of our instructors gives a talk about certification study strategies. Every Friday, he gets the same question: is it worth it?

The answer is always yes.

Here are the reasons in defense of certifications:

  1. It gets you past the HR search filters – Real people may never even see your resume if it doesn’t contain the letters MCSE or MCSA somewhere in the education section. If you put MCSE or MCSA on your resume and you don’t actually have the certification, you will no doubt be asked for your Microsoft transcript number to verify that you do in fact have the certification you claim to have. If you do not—well, I think you can fill in the blank here.
  2. You will study and learn aspects of the platform that you do not use in your day to day job functions and most likely things you never knew you could do with Server 2012. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 has a ton of new toys that you probably don’t need today or tomorrow. But 6 months from now, after your boss comes back from a big dog-and-pony show where he or she sees how cool three of the new features are and asks you to implement immediately, will you freak out because you don’t know? Or will you say, “No problem, I’ll get that done by 4 p.m. tomorrow,” because you know you’ll have it done by 3 p.m. since you’ve already studied the technique and know that it only takes two hours?

So what’s more important out of these two options?  Well, don’t get me wrong, if you’re looking for a new gig, certifications are important. But actually knowing the techniques and being able to perform on the job is far more valuable to you and your employer because that’s the thing that will help you keep your paycheck.

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