Top 3 New Features in Windows Server 2012 R2

It seems like it was just last week that Windows Server 2012 hit the streets, but the boys and girls at Microsoft have already released the R2 version of the nifty new server. It makes me wonder if they’re just hooking their programmers up to an IV bag filled with Red Bull and espresso because, wow, that was a fast release.

Here’s three new things that you’ll want to know about in the new release:

1. New Toys in Group Policy: Better support for IPv6 printers and VPN’s (I know, I know, for a lot of shops this won’t even be an issue in any less than 5 years, but it is important for a lot of shops who are future-proofing and taking advantage for the new capabilities). Also, Group Policy Caching for better performance for remote machines or machines connected to a network with high latency.

2. How about some Failover Cluster enhancements? You can now use a .vhdx as shared storage, there’s a nifty Cluster Dashboard, and in a Hyper-V cluster you can now have the virtual machines automagically live migrate when the computer is shutdown.

3. In Hyper-V, you can now PXE boot using the standard network adapter, as well as boot from a virtual hard disk connected via the virtual SCSI connector, as well as a SCSI-connected virtual DVD.

These are just some highlights, because there are dozens of new features and enhancements in this new release. Click here to download a trial of this shiny new release and try out all the new features for yourself!

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