3 Reasons Business Leaders are Moving to Windows Server 2016 Now

It’s time to move to Windows Server 2016 if you haven’t already. For those business leaders waiting for the perfect moment to make the case for this update, now is the time. Your business case couldn’t be stronger.

After all, no other Server can better meet both the IT security needs of an organization and its need for freedom that facilitates innovation. Frankly, sometimes the two seem to be at odds with one another, which is why Windows Server 2016 was created – to give company decision makers the best of both worlds. With this Server, organizations can keep data and identities secure while they promote brilliance in their workforces.

3 Reasons to Move to Windows Server 2016 Now

If you’re wondering why your organization should make the move to Windows Server 2016, these reasons should bring you some clarity:

  1. Windows Server 2016 Offers Superior, Multi-layered Security — The first and most important reason your company should move to Windows Server 2016 is because it offers more security and better security.

Today’s hackers aren’t playing around. The mere click of a button can delete or infect precious data, sending entire organizations into tailspins. At worst, a cyber attack can take an organization out. This isn’t a sensationalistic claim, but a realistic one. Company leaders are beginning to understand that cybersecurity must be tightened up in order for businesses to survive.

Windows Server 2016 offers a solution to IT security problems. This specific Server gives system administrators the option of offering other admin appropriate levels of access only at specific times, not all the time.

Windows Server 2016 can be deployed securely, on-premises, and in the cloud. It allows administrators to prevent accidental malware infection by restricting software usage, maintain code integrity, and increase control and protection of data. Also, this Server offers multiple layers of security. In Better Security Starts at the OS, Microsoft stated, “Windows Server 2016 includes built-in breach resistance mechanisms to thwart attacks on your systems and help meet compliance goals. Even if someone finds a way into your environment, the layers of security built into every Windows Server 2016 system limit the damage they can cause.” Could your company benefit from additional layers of security?

  1. Windows Server 2016 Increases Efficiency and Lowers Costs – In an effort to prepare to implement the next generation of performance-enhancing technology, most companies are moving to the cloud. But, migrating to the cloud has a purpose beyond merely laying the framework for new technologies. It also reduces costs considerably. In our article The Value of Building Cloud Computing Skills, we quoted Business Insider’s Julie Bort: “Businesses have fallen in love with cloud computing. It gives them access to unlimited computing power at a marginal cost, without having to actually manage all the hardware, software, and networks.”

Windows Server 2016 reduces the costs of commodity services, offers massive storage, and streamlines day-to-day operations. As a result, employees have more time to innovate and generate income, and employers experience reduced costs. This is the beauty of a Server that is run on-premises and in the cloud.

  1. Windows Server 2016 Provides Remote Desktop Services – This exceptional Server doesn’t just offer multi-layered security, increase productivity, and lower costs; it also provides remote desktop services with more IT flexibility. All these benefits should excite company leaders, specifically the last one mentioned. Why? Because employees can’t do their jobs without 24/7 access to specific applications. In Agility Meets Control Meets Security, Microsoft says, “With an increasingly mobile and remote workforce, businesses need to provide their employees with 24/7 access to the applications they need to do their jobs – and not just ‘mobile’ versions of the apps, but full access to accounting, CRM, HR, graphic-intensive and other server-based applications that replicate the desktop experience.” Windows Server 2016 can provide a unique desktop experience that boosts productivity, which causes revenue to skyrocket.

Sometimes, an organization’s IT security needs can seem vast and overwhelming. Company decision makers often don’t know where to start in getting those needs met. Windows Server 2016 can meet all of a company’s IT security needs, while at the same time leaving plenty of room for innovation. Ready to move yet?

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