[Podcast] Top 3 Fun New Features of Windows Server 2016

Hey gang, we’ve got another podcast full of fun and new things about Server 2016! Yes, I know, we all just got used to Windows Server 2012’s new paint job and slew of new toys, but 2016 is coming at us anyway, so it’s time to start ramping up! Here are 3 new fun things about Windows Server 2016:

New Features of Windows Server 2016 | Nano Server

  1. Nano Server—yes yes, everybody’s heard of it, but few know what or why. Nano Server is different than Windows Server, as it has no GUI, and is managed only via PowerShell and WMI (but you’ll also be able to use DISM to install Server Roles on it. You’re saying, “yeah, so what?” We already have Server Core for that, right? Well, Nano Server will be WAY smaller than any server we’ve seen with:
  • 93% smaller VHD size
  • 92% fewer critical bulletins
  • And 80% less reboots! (dang, we’re still hoping for zero!)

So what will we do with it? Well, we can use it for infrastructure stuff! How about a super tiny Hyper-V Server, or super small Scale-Out File Server? (Seriously, how much stuff do we really need to run a freakin’ file server?) But with everybody going to the cloud lately, we’ll also see born-in-the-cloud applications written in C#, Java, Node.js, and Python.


New Features of Windows Server 2016 | Nested Virtualization

  1. Nested Virtualization- Inception! A dream within a dream! Finally, we don’t have to create a weird Frankenstein mix of VSphere and Hyper-V to run a virtual machine within a virtual machine!


New Features of Windows Server 2016 | Containers

  1. Containers, Containers, Containers—Everyone got your ruby red slippers on? Because we’re not in Kansas anymore. Containers in Windows Server allow us to put applications in containers, and then allow that application to pull what it needs from a Windows Server container. That application can move between servers, stealing what it needs from the OS on which the container hangs out on. Kind of like a leech. But it’s going to make deployment sickenly easy (even if it’s kind of hard to understand).

But that’s not all. There’s also Hyper-V containers, which add more power for multi-tenant environments. And to make things even more weird, you can run a container on top of a virtual machine!

Find out more about containers at http://www.tomsitpro.com/articles/windows-server-2016-containers,2-940.html.

And for a real trip down the rabbit hole: https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2015/2-704.

So that’s it for this quickee update on Windows Server 2016’s Nano Server, Nested Virtualization, and Containers! Of course, we’ll take a deeper look at these technologies (especially Containers!) on another episode. But your next step is to get your very own copy of Server 2016 Preview by going here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/evaluate-windows-server-technical-preview.

Until next time, keep your head in the clouds and your hands on the keyboard!

Thanks to George Ellinas for the clip we used for the intro and outro!

Dj Rkod – Pulse (George Ellinas Remix) by George_Ellinas ccmixter.org/files/George_Ellinas/14073 CC Attribution (3.0)

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