Azure Confidential Computing: Another Reason to Migrate Today

Microsoft Azure is widely recognized as one of the safest cloud platforms available and sets the bar when it comes to security. Microsoft sinks $1 billion into cybersecurity to ensure that. Recently, they became the first public cloud service to offer encryption of data while in use, as well. They’re calling it Azure confidential computing.

Azure confidential computing is a collection of services and features that boost security to a level unparalleled by other platforms. Azure already ensures data privacy by maintaining stringent physical datacenter security standards, encrypting data in transit or at rest, detecting threats via machine learning, and using strict operational software development lifecycle controls. With confidential computing, customers “can move the data to Azure knowing that it is safe not only at rest but also in use,” said Mark Russinovich, CTO, Microsoft Azure. “Data can be processed in the cloud with the assurance that it is always under customer control.”

Russinovich also reported that the Azure team has been collaborating for more than four years with Microsoft Research, Intel, Windows, and the Microsoft Developer Tools group to develop this state-of-the-art security technology that is unique to Azure. At the moment, no other cloud platform offers such a service.

“I’ve heard a lot of people talk incorrectly about how Microsoft just wants them to put their data into the cloud so they can steal it/use it/sell it–whatever the conspiracy theory of the day is. Confidential computing shows that Microsoft is not throwing that kind of party,” said Directions Training Azure Technical Instructor, Ben Culbertson.

In case you needed another reason to move to Azure, that reason is confidential computing.

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