Removing Attributes in SCOM

One of Directions Training’s Microsoft Technical training experts wanted you to know about a question he runs into in SCOM.

What is the easiest way to delete an attribute that is no longer needed in SCOM?

There are two ways in which you can do this. The first way is to edit the management pack the attribute was saved to, and the second is using the authoring console if it is available.

The two procedures are outlined below.

You will notice that when viewing a custom attribute, there is no option to delete it, only to view the properties.

Realistically, there is no harm in having “extra” attributes in SCOM that are no longer being used. However, if you do want to delete an unused attribute, to clean up your environment, you will need to export the management pack that you have saved the attribute to. Once the management pack is exported, use a simple XML editor of your choice, and delete the entire attribute and properties. Once this is done, you can reimport the management pack to SCOM.

Once you have reimported the management pack, open the authoring tab of the SCOM console and expand the management pack object, select attributes, and verify the attribute is now gone.

If you prefer to use the authoring console, the basic steps to do this are outlined below.

1. Backup management pack where attribute is saved in case you need to restore.

2. Open authoring console.

3. Import management pack from management group where you saved the attribute (in this case the Default MP).

4. Go to health model pane, and select discoveries folder and delete the custom discovery.

5. Next, open the service model pane in the authoring console and click on class folder, select class and delete the associated class.

6. After the modification is completed, select export management pack to management group, select the correct management group and this will re-import the management pack into SCOM.

7. Open the SCOM management console and verify the custom attribute has been removed.

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