SCVMM Software Updates

One of Directions Training’s Microsoft Technical training experts wanted you to know…

During a recent discussion of procedures used for managing software updates, the question about System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager and what it does came up.

Microsoft System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager provides support for on-demand software update compliance scanning and for remediation of servers that make up the private cloud infrastructure. 

What updates should be managed through VMM?

The VMM Fabric is made up of several server roles that include the following physical computers managed by VMM:

  • Hyper-V hosts and Hyper-V clusters
  • Library servers
  • Pre-Boot Execution Environment (PXE) servers
  • The Windows Server Update Management (WSUS) server
  • The VMM management server

VMM supports on demand compliance scanning and remediation of the fabric. Administrators can monitor the update status of the servers. They can scan for compliance and remediate updates for selected servers. Administrators can also exempt resources from installation of an update.

When a VMM administrator performs update remediation on a host cluster, VMM places one cluster node at a time in maintenance mode and then installs updates. If the cluster supports live migration, intelligent placement is used to migrate virtual machines off the cluster node. If the cluster does not support live migration, VMM saves state for the virtual machines.

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