How to Get “Intune” with Your Enterprise Network – No Matter Where It Is

With the advent of the cloud, tablets, and smart phone revolutions, administrators have an increasing need to administer devices that are all over the place. Microsoft System Center is great while the device is inside the perimeter of your network, but what about when it leaves? What do we do when the CEO gets an iPhone or Android phone for her birthday and demands that you support it?

Well, enter in Microsoft’s new Intune service, which provides System Center services in the cloud, and for Android and iOS devices (yes, iPads and iPhones – fruit lovers may now rejoice).

Here’s some fun facts about Intune:

  • Users can use a self-service portal to enroll their devices – iOS and Android included – without your intervention
  • You as an administrator can remote wipe a phone or tablet
  • Since it’s cloud based, it doesn’t matter where the device is
  • Yes, it also works for laptops (Do people still use those? Aren’t laptops so 20th century?)

If you’re already using System Center 2012 in your environment, you may be able to connect Intune and System Center for a one-stop management tool.

It might be worth taking a looksy at Intune, you can get a free trial here. Happy managing!

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