3 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Office 2013

Cloud Compatibility

With Microsoft Office 2013, it is now possible to store and sync all of your documents across all of your Windows devices, so they can be accessed from anywhere. All you need to do is save documents to your OneDrive (formally known as SkyDrive), and you can open and edit these from any of your Microsoft devices. Never again will you have to email yourself a document or risk having your work stuck on a faraway computer.

Rich Media Features

There are now a variety of new rich media options to make your documents, presentations, and other files more interactive and engaging. For example, in Microsoft PowerPoint, you can find and add photos from albums on Flickr, Facebook, and other online services without saving to your computer.

PDF to Word Doc Capabilities

Have you ever had to type out an entire PDF document because you needed to be able to edit it in Microsoft Word? In Office 2013, you’ll never have to suffer through this again. Word now does a great job of converting PDF files to Word format.

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