Enhanced Comments in PowerPoint 2013

One of the big ideas behind the Microsoft Office 2013 suite is to provide more tools to work on documents in collaboration with others. This month, we’ll show you one of these features – enhanced comments in PowerPoint presentations.

In past versions of PowerPoint (2010 and previous versions) comments simply appeared on a slide as a small box in the upper left hand corner of the slide. The actual content could not be viewed until you clicked on the comment box to reveal the comment text. But, if you were going back and forth with someone else on finalizing a presentation, they could only address your comment with a separate comment of their own, which would appear as another small box on the slide as pictured in the following illustrations:


So, if there was a lot of back and forth, over time the comments would get to be difficult to follow and would clutter up the slide until they were deleted.

Now in Microsoft Office 2013, comments not only are easier to read, they are easier to follow when there is a lot of back and forth between multiple people working on a presentation. This is due to the new Comments Pane, a moveable Comment Indicator, and the ability to directly reply to specific comments without starting a new separate comment. The first screenshot below illustrates how the Comment Indicator and Pane first appear. On the Review Tab, in the Comments Group, clicking the New Comment button places the Comment Indicator in the upper left hand corner of the slide and opens up the Comment Pane on the right side of the screen where a user can type the initial comment in the text box provided:

The Comment Indicator can be dragged into a position on the slide where it is easier to draw attention to the part of the slide that the Comment addresses as illustrated below:

When the presentation is being reviewed by another person, they can reply to the initial comment directly without adding extra additional comments to the slide. This not only makes the slide appear less cluttered, but also allows for a back and forth threaded conversation about each particular Comment as illustrated below:

Comments have become more interactive and easier to follow when multiple people are reviewing a presentation in PowerPoint 2013.

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