Why Upgrade to Microsoft Office 2013?

Here are just a few reasons why you should upgrade to Microsoft Office 2013.

Office 2013 ventures beyond the mouse and keyboard to embrace touch and pen input. While multi-touch laptops aren’t–and probably won’t be–a mainstream choice for business and home users anytime soon, touch is an essential component of smartphones and tablets. What kind of touch features does Office 2013 have? The same ones you’ve grown used to on your phone and tablet: swipe a finger across the screen to turn a page; pinch and zoom to read documents; and write with a finger or stylus. Plus, when you write an email by hand, Office 2013 automatically converts it to text.

Office 2013 saves your documents to OneDrive by default, enabling you to access files across multiple devices, including a smartphone and tablet. When you sign into Office, your personalized settings and recently used files are already there for you.

You can edit PDF files in Word 2013. Simply open a PDF as you would any other document. Word 2013 maintains the formatting of the file, which is fully editable. You can insert pictures and videos from online sites such as YouTube and Facebook as well. Word 2013’s Read Mode, which reformats text into columns and lets you flip through pages with a simple click or swipe of the screen, was clearly designed with tablets in mind.

Excel 2013 does offer some useful upgrades, including new templates for budgets, calendars, forms, and reports. The new Quick Analysis Lens lets you convert data to a chart or table in a couple of steps. A new feature known as Flash Fill recognizes patterns in your data and automatically fills cells accordingly.

The enhanced Presenter View makes it easier to zoom in on a diagram, chart, or other detail that you want to emphasize to your audience. Plus, the Navigation Guide lets you switch slides, even move out of sequence, from a grid that you can see but your audience can’t. The collaboration tools allow business colleagues to work from different PCs to build a single presentation. The comments section makes it easy for participants to post and track their opinions too. Presentations are saved online by default to either OneDrive or SharePoint.

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