5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 8.1

Less is More

Windows 8.1 takes up less space than Windows 8. In fact, it will give you back 8-15% more storage space on your device.


Use the SNAP feature (the ability to have more than one app screen open simultaneously) and you can resize the smaller window to virtually any size with just a finger swipe. If you have a large, high-resolution monitor, you’ll be able to have multiple windows, potentially having e-mail, Skype, a web browser and the weather all open at the same time.

Update without Updating

With Windows 8.1, all updates will just happen in the background. No more having to do it manually.

Anywhere, Anytime

Use your Microsoft account to sign in to any laptop, tablets or PC running Windows 8.1 and you’ll see the same layout, apps, and settings. Signing in with your Microsoft Account (which is simply an email address and password of your choice) also gives you access to a world of apps from the Windows Store, and lets you save, view, and edit your documents and photos online with SkyDrive.

On Cloud 9

Windows 8.1 has made SkyDrive the default place to save new documents, so you can access the files from anywhere, making them shareable and they don’t take up any room on your device. 

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